Thirteenth Key

The Thirteenth Key in English

O you swords of the South
Which have 42 eyes
To stir up the pleasures of sin,
Making men drunken; Behold!
The promise of Satan! And His power,
Which is called amongst
Those in heaven, A bitter sting!
Move therefore and show yourselves!
Open the mysteries of your Creation!
Be friendly unto me!
For I am the servant of the same!
The true worshipper of Satan/Lucifer
In glory and power exalted
Of the Kingdom of the South


The Thirteenth Key in Enochian

Napeai babage ds brin vx ooaona
Lring qvasahi de doalim, eolis ollog
Orsba; micma! Isro de Satan!
Od tox lonshi, ds i vmd aai priaz
De madriax, grosb!
Zacare ca od zamran!
Odo cicle qaa! Zorge!
Zir noco! Hoath Satan
Bvfd lonsh londoh babage


Thirteenth Key Enochian Pronunciation

NAH-pay-AH-ee     bah-BAH-jzhay
DAHSS     buh-REEN     VAHKS
oh-oh-AH-oh-nah     luh-REE-nuh-jzhay
kuh-VAH-sah-hee     DAY     doh-AH-leem,
ee-OH-leess     OH-luh-lohjzh
OH-ruh-suh-bah;     MEE-kuh-mah!
EE-suh-roh     DAY    SAY-TAN!     OHD
TOHKS     LOH-nuh-suh-hee,    DAHSS
EE     VUH-MUHD     ah-AH-ee
puh-REE-ahts     DAY     mah-duh-REE-ahks,
zah-KAH-ray     KAH     OHD
ZAH-muh-rahn!     OH-doh
KEE-kuh-lay     KAH-ah!
ZOR-ruh-jzhay!     ZEE-ruh
NOH-koh!     hoh-AH-tuh-huh
SAY-TAN     BUH-vuh-fuhd
LOH-nuh-suh     LOH-nuh-doh


© Copyright 2005, Joy of Satan Ministries;
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457