Seventh Key

The Seventh Key in English

The east is a house of harlots
Singing praises amongst the flames
Of first glory, wherein Lord Satan
Hath opened his mouth, and they are
Become 9 living dwellings in whom
The strength of man rejoiceth;
And they are appareled with ornaments
Of brightness, such as work wonders
On all creatures; whose kingdoms and
Continuance are as the seven ziarahs,
The mighty towers of Satan,
Continual places of comfort; of joy
O ye servants of pleasure
Move! Appear!
Sing praises unto Satan/Lucifer!
Be mighty amongst us; for to his remembrance
Is given power, and our strength
Waxeth strong
In the comfort of Satan/Lucifer!


The Seventh Key in Enochian

Raas salman babalond oecrimi aao malprg
Croodzi bvsd, qviin Satan Odo bvtmon
Od z chis noas em paradial
Casarmg Vgear olora chirlan; od z chis
Zonac luciftian, cors ta vavl zirn tolhami;
Soba londoh od miam chis ta q ziarahs,
Micalz vmadea de Satan, pibliar;
Moz gohed. C no qvol de qvasahi,
Zacare! Zamran! Oecrimi de Satan!
Omicaolz aai om; bagle papnor i dlvgam
Lonshi, od vmplif vgegi blior de Satan!


The Seventh Key Enochian Pronunciation

RAH-ahs     EE     ZAH-luh-mahn
BAH-bah-LOH-nuhd     oh-ay-kuh-REE-mee
ah-AH-oh     MAH-luh-puh-ruh-jzhuh
kuh-ROH-ohd-zee     BUH-vuh-zuhd
kuh-VEE-een     SAY-TAN     OH-doh
buh-vuh-tuh-MOHN     OHD     ZEE
kuh-HEES     NOH-AHS     AYM
pah-RAH-dee-ahl     kuh-SAH-ruh-muhjzh
vuh-GAY-ahr     oh-LOH-rah
kuh-HEE-ruh-lahn;     OHD     ZEE
kuh-HEES     ZOH-nahk
Loo-SEEF-tee-uhn,     KOH-ruhz
TAH     VAH-vuhl     ZEE-ruhn
toh-luh-HAH-mee;     ZOH-bah
LOH-nuh-doh     OHD     MEE-ahm
kuh-HEES     TAH     KUH
ZEE-ah-rahs     mee-KAH-luhts
vuh-MAH-dee-ah     DAY     SAY-TAN,
pee-BLEE-ahr;     MAHTS     GOH-hud.
NOH     kuh-VOHL     DAY     kuh-VAH-sah-hee,
oh-ay-kuh-REE-mee     DAY     SAY-TAN!
oh-mee-KAH-oh-luhts     ah-AH-ee     OHM;
BAH-guh-lay     PAH-puh-nohr     EE
duh-luh-vuh-JZHAHM     LOH-nuh-suh-hee,
OHD     vuh-muh-puh-LEEF     vuh-GAY-jzhee
buh-lee-OH-ruh     DAY     SAY-TAN!


© Copyright 2003, 2004, 2005, Joy of Satan Ministries;
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457