Ninth Key

The Ninth Key in English

A mighty guard of fire
With two-edged swords flaming,
Which have vials of wrath and
Whose wings of wrath and
Whose wings are of wormwood and
Of the marrow of salt, have settled
Their feet in the south and are
Measured with their ministers
Six hundred and Sixty Six.
These gather up the moss
Of the earth as the rich man
Doth his treasure. Cursed are Jehova;
He who sits on the holy throne
And are his servants! Whose iniquities
Are in their eyes, millstones greater
Than the earth, and from their mouths
Rain seas of blood; their heads are covered
With diamonds and upon their hands
Are marble sleeves. Happy is he
On whom they frown not; For why?
Satan/Lucifer rejoiceth in them.
Come away! Leave your vials!
For the time is such as requireth comfort!


The Ninth Key in Enochian

Micaolz bransg prgel Napta malpirgi,
Ds brin efafafe vonpho od sobca vpaah
Chis tatan od tranan balye, alar Lusda
Babage od chis holq C noqvodi Mian.
Vnal aldon mom caosgo Ta las ollor
Gnai limlal. Amma chis Jehova; idoigo
Od chic noqodi! Sobca madrid chis
Ooanoan, aviny drilpi caosgin, od
Bvtmoni parm zvmvi cnila; daziz chis
Ethamz a childao od mirc ozol chis
Pidiai collal. Vlcinin a sobam vcim ip;
Bagle? Satan chirlan par. Niiso!
Bams ofafafe!
Bagle a cocasb i Cors ca vnig blior!


The Ninth Key Enochian Pronunciation

mee-kah-OH-luhts     buh-RAH-nuh-suh-jzhay
pah-ruh-JZHAYL     NAH-puh-tah
mah-lah-pee-REE-jzhee,     DAHSS
buh-REEN     AY-fah-FAH-fay
VOH-nuh-puh-hoh     OHD
ZOH-buh-kah     vuh-PAH-ah
kuh-HEES     tah-TAHN     OHD
tuh-RAH-nahn     BAH-luh-eeay,
AH-lahr     luh-SUHD-ah     bah-BAH-jzhay
OHD     kuh-HEES     HOH-luh-kah     KUH
noh-kuh-VOH-dee     MEE-ahn.     vuh-NAHL
ah-luh-DOHN     MOHM     kah-OHS-suh-goh
TAH     LAHSS     oh-luh-LOH-ruh
guh-NAH-ee     LEEM-uh-LAH-luh.
AH-muh-mah     kuh-HEES     jah-HOH-vuh;
ee-YAH-doh-EE-goh     OHD     kuh-HEES
noh-KOH-dee!     ZOH-buh-kah
mah-duh-REED     kuh-HEES
oh-oh-AH-noh-ahn,     ah-VEE-neen-yuh
duh-REE-luh-pee     OHD
buh-vuh-tuh-MOHN-ee     PAH-ruhm
kah-OHS-suh-jzheen,     zuh-vuh-muh-VEE
kah-NEE-lah;     DAH-zeets     kuh-HEES
ay-tah-HAH-muhts     AH
kuh-HEE-luh-DAH-oh     OHD     MEE-ruhk
OH-zohl     kuh-HEES
pee-dee-AH-ee     koh-luh-LAHL.
vuh-luh-KEE-neen     AH     ZOH-bahm
vuh-KEEM EEP;     BAH-guh-lay?
SAY-TAN     kuh-HEE-ruh-lahn
PAH-ruh.     nee-EESS-oh     BAH-muhs
oh-FAH-fah-fay!     BAH-guh-lay     AH
KOH-kuh-suhb     EE     KOH-ruhz     KAH
vuh-NEE-jzhay     buh-lee-OH-ruh


© Copyright 2005, Joy of Satan Ministries;
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457