Eleventh Key

The Eleventh Key in English

The mighty seat groaned aloud
And there were seven thunders
And the eagle spake
And cried with a loud voice:
Come away from the house of death!
And they gathered themselves together
And became those of whom it is measured;
The everlasting ones,
Who ride the whirlwinds.
Come Away! For I have prepared
A place for you.
Move therefore and show yourselves!
Open the mysteries of your Creation!
Be friendly unto me!
For I am the servant of the same!
The true worshipper of Satan/Lucifer
In glory and power exalted
Of the Kingdom of the South


The Eleventh Key in Enochian

Oxiayal holdo od zirom
Q coraxo od vabzir camliax
Od bahal: Niiso salman teloch!
Od par aldon od noan
Casarman holq;
Gohed saga do zildar zong.
Niiso! Bagle abramg pi noncp.
Zacare ca od zamran!
Odo cicle qaa! Zorge!
Zir noco! Hoath Satan
Bvfd lonsh londoh babage


Eleventh Key Enochian Pronunciation

ohk-see-AH-ee-ahl     HOH-luh-doh
OHD     ZEE-rohm     KUH
koh-RAHK-soh     OHD
VAH-buh-zee-ruh     kah-muh-LEE-ahks
OHD     bah-HAHL:     nee-EESS-oh
ZAH-luh-mahn     tay-LOH-kuh!
OHD     PAH-ruh     AH-luh-dohn
OHD     NOH-ahn     kuh-SAH-ruh-mahn
HOH-luh-kuh;     GOH-hud     ZAH-gah,
DOH     ZEE-luh-dahr     ZOHNJZH.
nee-EESS-oh!     BAH-guh-lay
ah-buh-RAH-muhjzh     PEE
NAH-nuh-kuh-puh.     zah-KAH-ray
KAH     OHD     ZAH-muh-rahn!
OH-doh     KEE-kuh-lay     KAH-ah!
ZOR-ruh-jzhay!     ZEE-ruh     NOH-koh!
hoh-AH-tuh-huh     SAY-TAN
BUH-vuh-fuhd     LOH-nuh-suh
LOH-nuh-doh     bah-BAH-jzhay


© Copyright 2005, Joy of Satan Ministries;
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457