Third Month

 Days One Through Five:
The following meditation is the most important meditation as it deals with invoking energy. Energy manipulation is the basis of all mind power/magick. To be able to feel the nuances of different energies, to invoke them and to direct them is the basis of power.

The exercise for the next five days will be based upon the foundation meditation. But, instead of expanding the aura, you will breathe the energy back into the ether. Breathe the energy in and exhale the energy, sending it back out with each exhale. Do the above for 15 breaths.

What this exercise does:
This exercise will enable you to breathe energy into people, objects, empower sigils and talismans and program anything you wish with your energy. This exercise will also prepare you for the next step in this program- working with the elements.


 Days Six through Thirteen
For the next three days, we will be working with Ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is the substance we see with the clouds when scrying. This is a minor form, but will get you started.

Candle light is perfect for this exercise. Candle color here does not matter, so use whatever you have available.

If you have a black mirror, you will want to use this, but any other similar props will do. You can even use a regular mirror or a bowl of dark or black liquid.

1. Sit in a quiet dimly lit room.

2. Relax and go into a trance state. This does not have to be a deep trance, just enough so you are focused.

3. Look into the mirror or bowl of liquid and stare at one point. You should eventually see clouds form.

4. Concentrate on these clouds, willing them in a soft way to condense and thicken.

5. For days seven through nine of this exercise, gently and slowly take your eyes off of the mirror. You should still be able to see the clouds in front of you. Try to focus on them for two to three minutes.

6. Blink your eyes and move your fingers and toes and gently bring yourself back from the trance.


For Days Ten through Thirteen:
Repeat the above exercise, but with step five, will the ectoplasm into a ball shape.


About Ectoplasm:
Ectoplams has many different astral uses. Extra-terrestrials use this in a much more potent form than humans. This is the cloud that forms before many abductions, where there is a loss of time and memory. Ectoplasm can make one invisible and can also be used to kill with death rituals. After proficiency is achieved in producing this substance, one can will it to manifest in specific colors that are harmonius with the objective of the working.

The most common example of the use of ectoplasm is with mediums. The ectoplasm gives the evoked spirit something to manifest itself in. Ectoplasm can also add much more potency to creating a thoughtform.


 Days Fourteen through Seventeen
When you can perform this exercise for five minutes straight with uninterrupted concentration, you are proficient.

Get together four simple objects like a pen, pencil, ball, hair clip, spoon- whatever. Just make sure the object is simple and easy to visualize.

1. Take the first object and focus on it for one to two minutes.

2. Close your eyes and visualize it for one to two minutes

3. Open your eyes and visualize the object in front of you in the air. You should only be focused on seeing the object and not anything else in the room.

4. Repeat the above with the remainder of the objects.


 Days Eighteen through Twenty
With the following exercise, we are going to add sounds to visualizations. This exercise greatly strengthens the astral senses.

Day Eighteen:
Visualize a clock on a wall and hear it ticking. This can be any clock, but the more simple, the better to start with. Now, visualize the clock and hear the ticking. Do this for three to four minutes.

Day Nineteen:
Visualize a large bonfire and hear the crackling of the flames.

Day Twenty:
Visualize a lake, river or the ocean and hear the waves rippling or roaring.


 Days Twenty-one through Twenty-six

Day 21:

1. Sit quietly and relax.

2. Visualize a large bonfire. *Hear* the crackling and *feel* the heat, then *smell* the heat.
Do this for five minutes.

Day 22:

1. Sit quietly and relax.

2. Visualize yourself wading in water. This can be a lake, the river or the ocean. *Feel* the water, *hear* the water and *smell* the water, like you are actually there.
Do this for five minutes.

Day 23:

1. Sit quietly and relax.

2. Visualize yourself walking barefoot on the earth. This is best if you can visulize yourself walking on soil in a farm field as this is very close to the element of earth. *Feel* the soil under your bare feet and *hear* and *feel* the light breeze through the air and *smell* the earth.
Do this for five minutes.

Day 24:

1. Sit quietly and relax.

2. Visualize yourself walking against the wind. *Feel* the wind blow against your skin and the roar of the wind in your ears. *Smell* the fresh air as it blows against you. Feel each step walking into the wind.
Do this for five minutes.

Day 25:

1. Sit quietly and relax.

Visualize yourself in a cold environment. Feel yourself getting cold. Feel the cold wind blow on your skin. For those of you who know snow (some brothers and sisters live in tropical environments, so not everyone has experienced snow), visualize yourself in snow and ice. Hear the crunching of the snow beneath your feet. For those of you who have never experienced snow- just visualize yourself in a cold environment and use all of your astral senses.
Do this exercise for three to four minutes and no longer.

Day 26:

1. Sit quietly and relax.

Visualize yourself walking throuigh the desert. *Feel* the searing heat and the dry hot wind in the scorching environment. Feel the sand beneath your feet and your body growing hotter.
Do this exercise for three to four minutes and no longer.


What the above exercises do:
In addition to strengthening your astral senses, these exercises will introduce you to working with the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. By invoking these elements which we will do next month in this program, we can strengthen ourselves to where we will be able to withstand incredible amounts of heat, cold and other extremes. Invoking and directing fire is a very important aspect of pyrokinesis. With invoking the fire element, we can keep warm or with the water element, cool if circumstances call for this. Invocation of fire is how the Tibetan monks spent the nights of their initiation in the ice cold mountains, naked under in a wet sheet in a snow storm. In the morning, if the initiate passed, the sheet was warm and dry and the snow and ice were melted in the surrounding area.

Some 1920's-30's Satanic Lodges in Germany [one of which Adolf Hitler was a member] used the element of fire for assassination. The element when invoked and directed to the victim would make the victim's blood literally boil.

The air element, when invoked properly, produces levitation. Through invocation and proper direction of the elements, we can also influence the weather.


 Days Twenty-seven through Thirty-one

For the next five days, enter into a trance state and visualize a scene.

For days 27 and 28, visualize a scene out of doors with animals and plants. Use all of your astral senses with this. Smell the air, feel the breeze and hear the animals barking or whatever. See everything around you as if you are really there and be aware of everything at the same time.

For days 29 through 31, visualize yourself within a room or busy street where there are people. Hear these people talking as if you are really there. You can smell the area, see the people moving about, hear the sounds of the traffic, hear them talking. Try to be aware of everything at once.

When you can do the above for five minutes, uninterrupted, you have passed.

What this exercise does:
This exercise strengthens your astral senses and opens areas of your mind and empowers them for the serious practice of magick.


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