Physical yoga, along with Tai Chi can greatly amplify power. Below is a basic session you can do every day.

NOTE 9/29/11:
The most important aspect of any meditation and/or meditation related exercises such as hatha/physical yoga [below], is getting the energy buzz. This is supposed to follow any effective spiritual exercise. For those who are new, this may take a few weeks of consistent exercises on a daily basis, but you will definitely know it and feel it. These are what these exercises are for- to raise the witchpower and amplify the powers of the soul.

It doesn't matter, especially once you are proficient in these exercises, whether you have the TV, your radio or stereo blasting or whatever, as long as it doesn't interfere with your movements or your ability to raise your witchpower. I have often had my ear-buds in my ears with my CD player blasting when I was doing yoga asanas. Afterwards, I still continued to listen to music- even metal at times, when I sat still for my energy buzz. The only thing that is important is that you sit still for a while following any of these exercises in order for your energy buzz to get going, then focus on it.

It is important to never force yourself in any of the stretches. Yoga is very different from athletic stretching. It should be done in a relaxed state and never forced. It is right-brained and the goal is to empower ourselves. Anyone can learn on physical yoga their own, contrary to the popular notion of having a teacher. I taught myself from Richard Hittlemen's book "Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan" when I was 13. The most important thing in yoga is to go by *feel.*

Physical yoga should also be done while in a meditative state, for maximum power. If you feel a sense of lightness, increased bioelectricity and power, you are performing the asanas correctly. Yoga is also best done alone, as others or a class can be a distraction. Yoga should be done in a sequence- either standing to sitting to lying to inverted OR inverted to lying to sitting to standing. Each asana should be held for one minute, or with more difficult asanas, hold for a count of 10, 20 or 30 and do them twice or three times. Go as to how you feel. As you progress, you can hold for longer periods. Some adepts hold the handstand and other asanas for 10 minutes or more. Remember, we are all individuals. For timing yourself, for example when holding a minute, just count to 60, like "one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four..." You should relax and remain perfectly still when in each asana. Never jerk, tug, strain or pull and remember- only go as far as you are comfortable.

The sequence given below should be done in order.

*Inverted asanas should not be attempted by those who have brain problems, detached retina, cervical problems, who are very overweight or have any condition that could be aggravated by increased pressure or blood flow to the head and neck. You can do the other asanas and leave the inverted ones out.

Only go as far as you can and never strain. YOGA IS *NOT* ATHLETICS!

ALWAYS compliment a front bend with a back bend. There always has to be an opposite move in yoga. If you twist to the left side, you must also twist to the right side.

Every yoga program should include:

When I first learned to perform a handstand- I was very young and of course, it was easy being a kid. I just kicked up to the wall. Anyone at any age who is in decent health and weight can learn to do a handstand. Later on, you can try walking your hands away from the wall further and further. Only hold the handstand as long as comfortable, but try to add a few counts each week. I prefer to do a handstand, instead of a headstand as the handstand places less pressure on the neck vertebrate, it strengthens the arms and wrists and is over all much more effective. It can be done and held against a wall for support, until you can do it away from the wall.

(I've never used a blanket, this is optional)



Forward bend




You can do the above twist with your leg outstretched to make it easier.

Standing Forward bend

The above can be done going as far as placing your hand on your knee. The point is to stretch out your sides. The photo is advanced. For people who are inflexible or new, you can start by placing your hand on your knee and bending, rather than the advanced on the floor. Then, as you progress, just slide your hand down the side of your calf, then ankle and finally the floor.

Remain in the Savasana position for 5-15 minutes and do void meditation on your energy field.


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