Image Magick

Image magick has been used for centuries. The basic idea is that using some object to represent a victim, what is done to the object is done to the victim. This practice goes all the way back to Ancient Egypt.

For best results, use a personal belonging of the victim's that has their vibes in it to construct the poppit. A photo, a small article of clothing, car keys, small personal possessions, hair, fingernail clippings, sexual fluids, or even dirt taken from a footprint can be used. There are endless possibilities, as long as the article has a close connection in some way with the enemy.

Poppets were often constructed from wax or clay in the old days. Wax can be hard to work with. It is best to construct the image to be sturdy and not soft, if you plan to inflict any serious damage. The poppit should be constructed to take abuse.

What is important is that the right amount of focusing and hatred goes into the working. Driving a nail into its head will cause insanity. Driving a nail into the heart, with the right kind of focus and intensity, will cause death if done with enough intensity and the operator's aura is powerful enough. Burying the image in the ground will cause the person to waste away as the image rots in the ground.

Take whatever you have and use it in the construction of the image. Clothing articles may have to be cut to size. What is left over can be saved for the ritual working.

A doll can be sewn and stuffed with what you have obtained. Wax, clay or the like can be molded and blended with pieces of the victim's personal belongings. While constructing this image, chant aloud, or inside your head, the name of the enemy it represents, over and over as long as it takes to complete the image. This should be a mantra of hatred.

While chanting, focus intensely on the wrongs this person has committed and your hatred towards them.

When it is finished, write or engrave the enemy's name upon it. If you wish to completely destroy the enemy, this is best done during a waning Moon. Moon in Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces are good times for this kind of magick. You can perform a full ritual, where at the height of the ritual, you present the poppet, read aloud or to yourself the wrongs the enemy has committed against you and the curse you wish to inflict. When you are finished reading, burn the paper the curse was written on in the flame of a black candle. I have a silver burning bowl where I place my requests or whatever after I have lit them.

While the paper is burning and for a while afterwards, focus all of your anger and hatred upon the enemy, chanting their name repeatedly. This is the time to drive nails into the image, roast it over the fire, twist it, and mutilate it or whatever. Go over the offenses; get all of the anger out until you are completely exhausted. At this point, the image can either be burned (this is best done outside in some secluded area) and the ashes can be buried. Close the ritual.

We have found it most effective to nail the poppit to a tree through the head and the heart. Another technique is to bury it. You must direct the hatred and anger. In my own workings, I have found one does not have to get overly emotional. Just a strong determined will, and directing anger into a specific event, for example a specific type of accident, over and over. This should be very clear in your mind and is best done while the victim sleeps. The victim should have easy access to the type of accident or death you have planned. For example- one who never flies obviously won't die in a plane crash. You have to know the victim's habits and have a clear image of him/her in your mind and the misfortune you are willing to befall him/her.

It is always important after a ritual to clear your mind of the working and let it do its job. Don't forget to clean your aura and chakras after any working of black magick.

Satan stands for justice.



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