The First Key

The First Key in English

I reign over you, saith Satan/Lucifer In power exalted above the firmaments And over the earth; in whose hands The sun is as a sword And the moon as a thorough-thrusting fire: Who measureth your garments In the midst of my vestures And trussed you together as the palms of my hands And brightened your vestments with infernal light. I made a law to govern my sons and daughters. I delivered truth and furnished to you The power of understanding. Moreover, ye lifted up your voices And swore obedience and faith to Satan/Lucifer Who liveth and triumpheth, whose beginning is not Nor end cannot be. Who shineth as a flame In the midst of your palace and reigns amongst you As the balance of righteousness and truth. Move therefore and show yourselves! Open the mysteries of your creation! Be friendly unto me! For I am the servant of the same! The true worshipper of Satan/Lucifer In glory and power exalted, Of the kingdom of the south.


The First Key in Enochian

Ol sonuf vorsag goho Satan lonsh Calz od vors caosgo; sobra zol Ror i ta nazps od graa Ta malprg: Ds hol-q qaa nothoa zimz Od Commah ta nobloh zien od luciftian Oboleh a donasdogamatastos. O ohorela taba Ol nore od pasbs ol zonrensg Vaoan od tooat nonucafe gmicalzoma. Pilah Farzm znrza od surzas Adna od Gono de Satan, ds hom od Toh. Soba croodzi ipam ul vls Ipamis. Ds loholo vep nothoa poamal Od bogpa aai ta piap piamol Od vaoan. Zacare ca od zamran! Odo cicle qaa! Zorge! Zir noco! Hoath Satan bvfd lonsh londoh babage


The First Key Enochian Pronunciation

OHL   '   ZOH-nuhf   '   voh-ruh-SAH-jzhuh
GO-ho   '   SAY-TAN   '   LOH-nuh-suh   '   KAH-luhtz
OHD   '   VOH-ruhss   '   kah-OHS-suh-goh;
ZOH-buh-rah   '   ZOHL   '   ROH-ruh
EE   '   TAH   '   NAHTS-puh-suh
OHD   '   guh-RAH-ah   '   TAH
MAH-luh-puh-ruh-jzhuh:   '   DAHSS   '   HOH-luh-kah
KAH-AH   '   noh-tuh-HOH-ah   '   ZEE-muhts   '   OHD
KOH-muh-mah   '   TAH   '   NOH-buh-loh
zee-AYN   '   OHD   '   LOO-SEEF-tee-uhn
OH-boh-lay   '   AH
OH   '   oh-hoh-RAY-lah   '   TAH-bah   '   OHL
NOH-ray   '   OHD   '   PAH-suh-buhs   ' OHL
vah-OH-ahn   '   OHD
toh-OH-aht   '   NOH-noo-KAH-fay
guh-MEE-kah-luh-ZOH-mah   '   PEE-lah
FAH-ruh-zuhm   '   zuh-nuh-ruh-JZHAH   '   OHD
ZOO-ruh-jzhahs   '   AH-duh-nah   '   OHD
GOH-noh   '   DAY   '   SAY-TAN   '   DAHS   '   HOHM
OHD   '   TOH   '   ZOH-bah   '   kuh-ROH-ohd-zee
EE-pahm   '   OOL   '   VUH-LUHS   '   ee-PAH-meess
DAHSS   '   loh-HOH-loh   '   Vayp
noh-tuh-HOH-ah   '   poh-AH-mahl   ' OHD
BOH-guh-pah   '   ah-AH-ee   '   TAH   '   PEE-ahp
OHD   '   vah-OH-ahn   '   zah-KAH-ray   '   KAH  
OHD   '   ZAH-muh-rahn!   '   OH-doh
KEE-kuh-lay   '   KAH-ah!   '   ZOH-ruh-jzhay!
ZEE-ruh   '   NOH-koh!   '   hoh-AH-tuh-huh
SAY-TAN   '   BUH-vuh-fuhd   '   LOH-nuh-suh
LOH-nuh-doh   '   bah-BAH-jzhay