Advanced Satanic Ritual

This is advanced, but gives the real steps for Satanic ritual. The standard ritual is for anyone and especially for newbies, as this is a preparation for the advanced ritual, which everyone should know the meaning of. The entire standard ritual is made up of allegories. The purpose of the steps in the advanced ritual are to bring the operator to full power in that the working will succeed. An entire ritual is not necessary in the way of ceremony, but many people enjoy the ceremonial aspects and use this time to get in a proper mood for a working, which can be essential. Always remember...if a certain personal method has brought you successes, then stay with it. Always do whatever works best for you, as we are all individuals. I, myself don't bother with ceremonial rituals anymore for quite a few personal reasons, for example, but this is my own way and if ceremony works for you, then use it.

Here are the true meanings of the steps in Satanic Ritual:

1. Ringing the bell. The bell is an allegory for reverberation. This has to do with vibrating words of power, mantras, and so forth. Vibration is highly effective for directing energy and creating a lasting change in energy at the soul and even in one's own environment. So, in ritual, mantra/vibration is used, as it enhances one's powers and the working.

2. Invoking the Powers of Hell. Note here the sword tool [again props are unnecessary and only create a mood, unless they are seriously charged with energy], the sword represents the element of air. Invoking the Powers of Hell is another allegory for invoking the elements, which are also represented by the pentagram. By invoking fire, earth, air, water and the ether, you again enhance the full powers of your soul for the working. Each direction one is facing with this aligns ones energies with the energies of the earth. Each of the Four Crowned Princes of Hell represents an element. This is an allegory. As with the Tarot, the rods/wands represent the fiery serpent within the spine, the cups are the chakras from which we 'drink' the energy; the pentagram represents the earthly manifestation of our desires and the invocation of all five elements of that comprise the human soul and enhance its power and the swords- as I already mentioned in the above represent air- the vibration and reverberation that effects change. Sound changes the molecular structure both in the material world and on the astral.

3. The Invocation to Satan is exactly what it is and invites the Powers of Hell. This step is not an allegory, but a dedication prayer. 'Opening the Gates of Hell' is an allegory for opening your chakras; again for full power.

4. Drinking from the chalice is the energy buzz. The chalice, the cup...the Grail; all of these are allegories for the chakras as are 'the gates.' This is to sit quietly for a few minutes to make sure you get a powerful energy buzz, which will enhance the working.

5. The next step ' the paper in the burning bowl; again another allegory. This is where you focus and concentrate to direct your energies into the working. Fire is the element of life; the spark of life. This is another allegory for focusing and directing the energies of your soul into the working.

6. If the ritual was for black magick, and a black magic mantra was used, then concluding the ritual [again, ringing the bell], would indicate vibrating an opposite mantra to clean any negative energy from your soul.

For a Thanksgiving Ritual, this is a way to show appreciation, but the best way is to do some actual work for the Powers of Hell. When one is new, the Powers of Hell will often work on your behalf and help you. The entire foundation of True Satanism is that Satan helps us and gives us the knowledge to where we can become independent and to help ourselves. Whenever one petitions the Powers of Hell, one draws off of their energies. The entire focus here is one should be sing one's own energies as soon as one is able to.

Giving a Demon/ess something in return; if one is not yet spiritually powerful enough and needs assistance from a Demon/ess, 'something in return' means actually working for the advancement of Satanism. Working against the enemies of Satan, such as noted in the Hell's Army website - Click Here

Work to destroy the enemy and do this effectively. Educate people to the truth, but do this safely and safely is effectively. This can be done online, where you can reach thousands. Working offline, you can put anti-Christian tracts in bibles, Christian books in libraries and such; wherever they will be seen and read. The enemy leaves Christian tracts all over the place and consistently. Be discreet, work quietly and counter them. Practical work is what the Powers of Hell need from us, not just verbal gibberish- talking the talk, but doing little or nothing to actually show appreciation and thanks. Talk is cheap, whether it is used in ritual or otherwise. SHOW your appreciation by devoting your time and energy when and where you can to destroy the enemy and to advance Satanism.

Lastly- one of the most important things you can give the Powers of Hell is your energy. If you have energy to spare, ask for Satan to send a Demon/ess to take the energy and to deliver it where the Powers of Hell need it. This also includes if you are ever overcharged with energy. Establish a relationship with a Demon/ess and call upon him/her to take any excess energy and deliver it to the Powers of Hell. This is even more serious if you have a coven. Your Patron Demon/ess can take any energy that is left over and deliver it. This is a very important gesture of gratitude.

Satan wants our efforts and our work, for we are at war; not idle chit-chat or meaningless talk. Everyone should know what to 'give a Demon in return.' Offer your services and hard work, NOT trinkets, food, or other worthless junk. Work where you are able to, build your powers through consistent meditation, and strive for independence to where you can make your own desires manifest in reality on your own. If you are in doubt concerning what to do or how to work, focus on Satan and ask him in your mind. Be aware and open, and you will receive signs.

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